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Integrating awareness into everyday life.

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  • Integrating awareness into everyday life.

    Peaceful greetings,

    I read this the otherday and actually understood it at some level, from experiencing some of it in meditations, which gave me encouragement.

    Whilst walking and shopping and daily activities, what do we take with us from the meditations?
    Is it observing the minds garbage thoughts, letting it happen, and just being at peace in the present with compassion and kindfullness.
    any understandings greatly appreciated, as it is after I get up from meditations I struggle.

    With metta


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    Hi Mark,

    have you read Ajahn Brahmali's - Transcendental Dependent Arising ... especially the bit on Anger that starts with:

    But for mindfulness to become well-established, virtue of body and speech is not enough. You also need the virtue of the mind. Initially, when you practice virtue of action and speech through restraint, your mind is still impure. To deal with this impurity, you need to work with your mind in such a way that you change the way you think. People sometimes think this is difficult, but with enough dedication and perseverance it is something anyone can do. And it is necessary if your meditation is to develop.


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      Thanks for the reply Stuart,
      I'm just processing all the link entails, lots of stuff to ponder on.
      I'll reply in detail later.
      With metta



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        Thanks to you from me, too, Stuart.

        I've read that article, but it is necessary to be reminded of significant teachings.

        Thank you.


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          What I found mostly was a gradual realization of the tricks and traps of the mind along with clearly seeing the why, how and when certain thoughts would arise. I would get pretty happy and actually have fun with it saying "aha you tricky little S.O.B., I caught you again" or something like that. Even the thought of the curse words subsided and ceased after a while. It was just a matter of knowing there wasn't a need for them. They were superfluous. Most thoughts it seems were. I could also evaluate things from different perspectives without really grasping on to any one. This allowed relationships and views of other people to be wide open, genuine and really nice. After a few years of this I decided that I would give regular meditation a rest. I saw an almost immediate backslide and return to old behaviors. Wow this mind is tricky and powerful. Yet I know that after the initial thrust, at least in my experience, it wasn't as much a matter of effort as it was a drive to continue on the path. To this day I haven't recaptured that sense of peace and "synchronicity" with the world. It shows up sometimes, usually in a simple after dinner walk with my girlfriend and dog as it did tonight. So what do we take from our meditations? Understanding, clarity of thought, the removal of "I" and an inclusion of oneself as integral to the moment and the world. Be good.
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            Hi Mark,

            A good guide for how to incorporate what you learn in meditation into every day life is this book by Ajahn Sumedho on Buddhanet is another good source of Buddhism in addition to Dhammaloka if you aren't familiar with it already.

            This book is actually on recognising the four noble truths in everyday life but I think the principals can be applied to anything you are learning. It uses Sumedho's life experiences as examples and explains his processes which are very helpful.



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              well i think there's also a better focus of awareness in general. by itself there might not even seem to be a big improvement because this advances very gradually but nevertheless by just 'being a bit more in the present' this can enable someone to avoid many unwanted -even potentially life threatening- situations while probably benefiting from additional opportunities just because they were spotted thanks to the additional mental training from meditation.


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                Hi All,
                Thank you very much for all your input,
                I've noticed many of the pointers occouring within, naturally, since starting the meditation, especially the releasing of anger.
                This has been keeping me busy and I have noticed how I can now not even start to get involved in many events in daily life now using anger. In the past I was a very angry person, frustrated, unhappy, but have noticed with great gladness I'm letting it all not affect my daily life as much.

                Would this process of Transcendental Dependent Arising be used on every hinderance, we have ? as I seem to be endowed with most yet some not at all, or very little.
                This all is a great help, as an essential part of the process, it suddenly makes far more sense.

                Something is stirring, that I have glimpsed many times before in my brief 53 years of life, its very calming.

                With lots of metta to you all




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