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  • Dispassion

    Hi Venerables !

    It's been a few times now that I come across teachings talking about dispassion and seing the repulsive in things in order to not cling to things.

    I've already try but I had to stop because I for sure don't understand well what is meant about dispassion. Life became very boring and depressive when I did it...

    Can you please give me an exemple of how to deal with this?

    Thank you very much for reading! Hope this could help others too!


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    Dear Jonathan,

    The pali word usually translated as "dispassion" is viraga. This is part of the process of transcendental dependent arising. This paper by Ajahn Brahmali explains the causes leading up to dispassion and beyond, but there are several simple suttas that show the steps.

    Just wanting to have dispassion is not enough. You need samadhi (the jhanas) before you can see things as they really are, when you see things as they truely are you are truely repulsed by the world and everything in it. Then viraga, the ending of craving, can occur.

    So you see, it is not just a matter of thinking of things as repulsive, you need samadhi. Please take the time to read Ajahn Brahmali's paper, as he is far more studied than me.

    With metta,

    Bhante Jhanarato


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      I will read this paper. Thank you for helping me doing one more step in the good direction !



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