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    Venerable ones,

    Last week,I am changing my daily meditation to Metta- meditations. Thanks to this forum, the wonderful people here, and the overtone of this forum that functioned as a mirror for myself and my faults, I have grown a lot in practice.

    Metta-practice is quite new to me. I am doing an exercice based on a line out of the sutta's : "when there is loving kindness in front of the Bhikku, left, right, above and beneath, and unrestrained and continuous, he will be reborn in the Deva Realls of Unconditional and Infinite Love.
    So I meditate first on the breath, soothe, and then I radiate Metta in front of me, left, ... I keep repeating this all the time, until currents and gentle waves flow through my body. It's like the effect of a dynamo spinning, and thereby producing electricity ... After a while it becomes quite ecstatic. Then I can project this on people, ennemies, ...., and myself :-)

    I would humbly like to ask if you could recommend similar easy exercices, for a beginner like me, as I feel this opens doors to me that where shut for a long time ... I had too much invested my shakti in reasoning and empty meditations ...

    thanks a lot,

    with radiating Metta

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    Dear Kris,

    The site has a number of guided metta meditations. The trouble is finding them. Our search function does not seem to show much if you just type in metta. But here is one by Ajahn Brahmali:

    This search on Google returns a swath of goodies: ajahn brahm metta

    Hope this helps!



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      Originally posted by Bhikkhu Jhanarato View Post
      D But here is one by Ajahn Brahmali:
      Venerable Bhikku Jhanarato,

      Thank you so much for this wonderful Metta-meditation. I could really hear Ajahn Bramali's voice softening and lowering when the audiotalk was progressing, and there was 10 times more silence than speech, I just loved it !! It really relaxed, soothed and settled me very deeply ...

      We are so fortunate of having the rare opportunity of being able to learn from great and authetic Buddhist monks like you all ...

      With MegaMetta,



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        Ajahn Sujato gave a metta retreat in June 2011. You can download the talks, which include instruction on metta meditation and guided meditations here:

        I'm going through it now and have found the retreat talks and instruction very helpful.


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          Thank you, Venerable and everyone here.

          With much metta



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