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any tips for 'studying'?

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  • any tips for 'studying'?

    Dear venerable ones,

    i'm sitting behind my books trying to cram a lot of knowledge in my head, most of it is quite interesting but nevertheless ... i notice i -my mind- gets bored and distracted regularly, and what's worse: I also forget a lot while of course the examinations are getting closer and closer.

    so i thought: maybe the 'mind experts' have some usefull tips on how to focus the mind to study more effective? maybe some special meditation or something?
    now that would be

    kind regards,

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    Dear Stefan,

    Boredom and distraction are likely to be symptoms of a tired mind. When the mind is fresh and rested, it can focus on almost anything and find it interesting at the same time. So make sure you take regular breaks and do a bit of meditation. Any task that requires prolonged concentration will tire the mind and meditation is a the best way of resting it. This is what Ajahn Brahm did between his exams in theoretical physics at Cambridge University and he got top marks! The best sort of meditation to use is whatever allows your mind to become peaceful. This normally means just sitting back and allowing everything to be, allowing the mind to settle down by itself.

    I hope this helps!

    With metta.



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