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  • New monks Buddhist names.

    I was curious who gives the names to new monks and how they are chosen. I was thinking of changing the name I go by for awhile to help with the realization that our name does not define who we are. I think it would be an interesting exercise to shift my perspective. I suppose I could change it to anything but I would like to have a name in the spirit of our lineage. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    With Metta,

    Paul Rouillard

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    Hello Paul,

    Many preceptors give their monks names, but at Bodhinyana we are encouraged to choose our own. Usually it is something to aspire to, something that is meaningful to you and your practice. Ajahn Brahmali actually suggested my name, which I'm quite fond of. Some monks look in the Theragata - the poems of the enlightened monks of the Buddha's era. There may be a particular monk in there that resonates with you. In many other places in the suttas there are a wide variety of monks and lay people with various characters, strengths and attainments.

    You may wish to look through the suttas for the name of one of the foremost lay supporters of the Buddha, or choose a monastic name.




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