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  • Ajahn Brahm's Retreat Talks

    Dear Bhante, I am so grateful to Dania Percy for making available Ajahn Brahm;s retreat videos, I use them all the time at Rocksprings.

    But for the life of me, I cannot figure out the sequencing. The titles are not standard, ie, instead of "Monday Morning talk," "Monday evening Q&A," "Tues morning talk," "Tuesday evening Q&A," etc, the titles many times don't mention the sequence and instead are titled "Enlightenment, etc., and I can't tell what time frame they fit into.

    This is just perhaps for future organization and clarity, but if anyone could tell me where I might locate a date or something in the file that would help organize the videos from first to last, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you,

    Metta, anagarika eddie

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    Dear Eddie,

    Perhaps this could be posted to the "Ask a Caretaker" forum?

    With metta,



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      Dear Bhante, Welcome back!

      Metta, anagarika eddie.


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        Those files are made more or less independently, so I have deduced anyway. Perhaps sending a message to Ms. Percy via Youtube will get you the information you need? In the meantime I'll try and find other ways to help you with this if I can. If I do find anything, I'll send it via PM. I hope all is well down Texas way.


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          I looked for them too but it is indeed fragmented on Youtube.


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            Someone uploaded and neatly numbered videos on youtube from October 2011 retreat guided by Ajahn Brahm.

            The channel is called AjahnBrahmRetreats


            Hope this will make easier to watch these amazing videos, and many thanks to the person who uploaded them.


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              Dear Anagarika Eddie,

              I recently joined a 3-day retreat with Ajahn Brahm in Germany. There he gave fabolous and inspiring talks, that were all recorded professionally on a DVD, logically entitled
              , that could be requested afterwards.
              Check out the website of that centre

              With MegaMetta,



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