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    This is not a question, more of a comment. I found it really funny listening to one of the old Dhamma talks of Ajahn Brahm last night on the plane. It was a talk from 2006 on my mp3 player (listening to them is my favourite travel class on the planes; gets me through the flights so much faster than the business class). Ajahn then said that like TV, internet will never be allowed in his monastery, because it's such an unnecessary distraction. This morning I woke up to the latest Dhamma talk posted at this site and I see him with the iPad in front of him, reading the online questions, while the talk is streamed live. )) Don't get me wrong - I'm glad he changed his mind. That decision certainly helped transform mine.

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    Dear Boris,

    Actually, we still do not have internet access at Bodhinyana Monastery. We do, however, have internet access at the Dhammaloka Centre in the city of Perth and at Jhana Grove retreat centre, about 1km from the monastery.

    But certainly using the internet to disseminate the Dhamma is very effective, and I am glad you approve!

    With metta.


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      Thank you, Ajahn Brahmali. That explains it. Unfortunately I never had the privilege to come to the monastery or the centre. Unfortunately, I'm missing the opportunity of the forthcoming retreat, because I was only informed today I was accepted, but now I cannot organise the intercontinental travel and days off. I will sign up for the November one, as I would so much like to see your amazing spiritual place and experience the retreat.

      With metta, Boris



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