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training for nuns and monks.

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  • training for nuns and monks.

    (excuse me my shift key is playing up so maybe its easier not to use capitals at all._

    In your response to my question doing a long retreat, i realised that there there is specific teaching training for nuns and monks which is not available for those on retreat. What is the training program for monks and nuns. What sort of daily routine is gone through in order for them to learn. this is more what i wanted to access when i asked about doing a long retreat.

    Wouldn't it be more beneficial for lay retreatants to access these teachings and trainings also? Some of it must be relevant to everyone.

    I'm not trying to be difficult. I am genuinely interested in knowing what is involved in training and why lay people can't access it.

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    Dear Andrea,

    Lay people have access to exactly the same teachings as monastics. All Dhamma talks given at Bodhinyana Monastery are open for the lay people staying there. The library is the same for lay people as it is for the monastics. We have no secrets. I promise!

    The only classes that lay people are not invited to are the classes on monastic discipline. This is not because the monastic discipline is a secret, but simply that it is usually irrelevant to lay people. Also, it tends to get distracting to have lots of lay people around when teaching things that really just relate to monastics. However, if you are interested you can listen to recorded talks given on this subject or read books. You can then ask questions if there is anything you don't understand.

    With metta.


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      ok thanks.

      What about interviews? Can you a lay retreater have interviews about meditation and practice with anyone.


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        Can do! Just approach one of the senior monks or nuns and ask for a suitable time.

        With metta.



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