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Six months at dhammaloka

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  • Six months at dhammaloka

    The reason i came to this website was because sometimes i just want to be in a buddhist place for an extended period of time in order to establish a strong practice and devote a lot of time to it - both meditation and diligent sutta study. Yes i can do these things at home but as you well know a retreat environment is more conducive.

    What i wanted to know was how much would that cost? If the costs are high is there any way to reduce costs. I'm a pensioner. I could only afford to pay that much maximum.

    Is there any sort of guided program whereby one can work in a systematic way to study and mediate or is it all self devised?

    As a woman, what differences are made with regard to that ie restrictions and limitations.

    What sort of accommodation would be available in this situation? Single or shared?

    Are there things you can and can't bring with you?

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    Dear Andrea,

    The Dhammaloka Centre is not a place where you can stay; to do that you would have to go to one of the monasteries, either Dhammasara Nuns Monastery or Bodhinyana Monastery for monks. There is no cost involved in staying at any of these monasteries, however people often give a donation. Guests are expected to follow the monastery routine while there, which includes keeping the eight precepts and doing some light chores.

    I do not know the routine at Dhammasara Monastery, but at Bodhinyana you are mostly left to your own devices. There is a talk once a week and you have access to the library, which includes access to a large number of recorded talks. You may meditate in the meditation hall or in your own room. Everyone has a private room, and the women's rooms even have en-suite bathrooms.

    Please do not bring your cat! Otherwise you can bring anything you like that does not involve breaking the eight precepts. If you wish to contact either monastery, the contact information is found here: and

    With metta.


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      Thanks for that. That sounds fairly good but i've a few further questions. The pages says you can stay for 3 months and then you would apply for ordination. Do you think it would be possible to stay for another three months, even going along with the training program but not making the commitment to ordination. On the other hand, i would consider going for just 3 months

      Why do they want nuns to stay for five years after the training is complete? How does that benefit the monastery?

      Although it says they have no internet, having a computer for study purposes would be a useful tool, would that be allowed?

      I wonder why the monastery itself avoids internet communication when there is this forum.


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        Dear Andrea,

        I don't know Dhammasara's policy for staying beyond three months. Please contact them directly on their email address.

        The five-year period you have to stay at a monastery after ordination is part of the training period. This is to ensure that you are thoroughly versed in the monastic rules and the suttas before you set out on your own.

        Regarding computer use, again you would have to contact them directly.

        The nuns at Dhammasara are not involved with this forum. At both Bodhinyana and Dhammasara Monasteries internet usage for monastics is kept to a minimum. It can easily become a big distraction. I am the only monastic at our monasteries who is active on this forum.

        With metta.


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          it can easily become a big distraction.
          Oh my goodness, i totally agree with you there. but is also a useful tool if one can limit ones useage. I've actually contacted a university lecturer and proposed that someone develop such a program.



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