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sister monasteries in the USA

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  • sister monasteries in the USA

    Dear Ajahn Brahmali, I was wondering if Ajahn Brahm has any "sister" monasteries set up in the United States or Canada? Specifically I'm looking for a Theravada teacher that teaches the jhanas.

    with metta, Bryan

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    Dear Bryan,

    I like to think of teachers more in terms of whether they teach samatha than whether they teach jhāna. It is quite easy to ascertain whether someone teaches samatha, but it can be very difficult to know for sure whether they teach real jhāna. There is quite a bit of difference in understanding in this area. But regardless, if you practice samatha, you will eventually reach jhāna, so you can't go far wrong with a teacher who teaches samatha. Here are a few monasteries where they definitely teach samatha:

    Bhavana Society close to Washington DC (main teacher Bhante Gunaratana);
    Abhayagiri Monastery near San Francisco (main teacher Ajahn Pasanno);
    Birken Monastery close to Vancouver, BC (main teacher Ajahn Sona);
    Metta Monastery near San Diego (main teacher Ajahn Thanissaro).

    These are all monasteries in the Theravada tradition. I don't know much about monasteries in other Buddhist traditions, but no doubt there are some where samatha is taught.

    Good luck!

    With metta.



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