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  • Possession

    I'd like to know if this is considered possible in Buddhism and if so how. If I understood correctly, Ajahn Brahmali said some beings have mind-made bodies, and also generally exist in other dimensions that are not accessible to us. Are there some circumstances where they can theoretically visit this world and possibly take over a person's physical body? The only example that strikes me is oracles in Tibet, but then I am not sure if this is an example of a phenomenom unique to the culture of Tibet that other Buddhist traditions would not recognise. I ask out of interest and for personal reasons.

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    Dear Oliver,

    Most Buddhists, certainly traditional ones, seem to think that possession is possible. There is also some evidence in the Pali canon for this view. Moreover, the Pali canon is full of stories of beings from other planes, in particular devas, visiting the human realm. On the balance of the evidence, I would say possession is possible from a Buddhist perspective.

    With metta.


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      Right, thank you. So it seems some beings with mind-made bodies are considered to be freer to come and go between the worlds, while humans can only do it if they are very advanced meditators I guess.


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        I think it safe to say that meditation would play a big part in that ability as a prerequisite of such and ability, but not the one and only cause for such an ability. Through meditation one learns the true nature of things. When a lot of misconceptions are cast off, other previously unheard of or unthought of things may become possible. It's not to say that a meditator must have been a meditator for many many years to reach such a point on one's practice. I have posited many times that sometimes 'experience' and 'understandings' can be hindrances themselves. Of course, more often than not, that is the exception rather than the rule. Just my two pence.....




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