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Rebirth in earlier millennia of our planet

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  • Rebirth in earlier millennia of our planet

    It struck me that for several billion years there was no "human realm" on our planet according to scientists. Would you assume that during that time beings were generally not taking human rebirth, or otherwise that they were perhaps being reborn on other planets elsewhere?

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    Dear Oliver,

    Perhaps they were reborn on other planets! Perhaps when there is no human realm one gets reborn in other realms according to one's kamma. This would mean that if one's kamma is not good enough for rebirth among the devas, one would get reborn among the animals instead. Perhaps a bit of both.

    A more "esoteric" explanation is that the human realm is not necessarily always conjoined with the animal realm. According to certain suttas the life span in the human realm varies from 10 to 80,000 years. It could be that these suttas are mythic. If not, then the human body must vary in its make-up in accordance with its life span; that is, a body that lasts 80,000 years cannot possibly be a material body of the type humans have now. It would probably be a body that is more akin to the bodies of devas. According to this scenario, humans would have been around even during the dinosaur age, you just wouldn't have been able to see them and they wouldn't have left any traces of their existence. In other words, humans would essentially have been to the animals what the devas are to humans now.

    With metta.


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      Thank you for the answer, that gives some interesting perspectives on it



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