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  • Bodhi Pakkhiyadhammas I think this is where I was listening to a talk by Ajahn Brahmali on the Bodhi Pakkhiyadhammas….the 37 Wings to Awakening. I was making notes to give a presentation to my meditation group, but got interrupted for a couple of weeks. Now, I can’t find the talk (may have been more than one) to continue my learning. Would anybody know where to find this talk(s)? With metta, Mary Dumka

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    Hello Mary!

    Lovely to hear from you. I think Ajahn Brahmali's retreat at Jhana Grove this year was on the Bodhipakkhiya dhammas - so I am guessing these are the talks you are after?

    I couldn't find these retreat talks on the Cloud but they are available on Youtube, here is a link to the first one:

    Hope that helps - if you need more help accessing the talks please let me know.

    With Metta,
    Ven. Upekkha