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How to stay on the path in future lives?

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  • How to stay on the path in future lives?

    Is there a way to ensure I won't lose my way on the Buddha's path in future lives? It's taken me 56 years of this life to find the path again. Thank you.

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    Dear Jeanmarie,

    The million dollar question! I too fret about this – how will I ever cope with samsara without the Dhamma??

    Unfortunately, the only guarantee is if you are a stream-winner. Yikes! A good impetus to give it everything you’ve got in this life – not a day to be taken for granted.

    That said, if you have been conditioning yourself according to the Dhamma, then in your next life, those habits of mind will be your karmic inheritance. Why else would you have been so attracted to the Dhamma in this life? Why else are there child prodigies and people who have deep meditation experiences on their first retreat?

    So you may not be reborn a Buddhist, but every time you cut the groove of Dhamma deeper into your heart, the less likely you will be to not lose your way on the Buddha’s path in future lives.

    With much metta,
    Ven Upekkha


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      Thank you Venerable, your reply clears some things for me. I was raised as a catholic but it never 'resonated' with me. When I left my parent's home to live on my own, I started a 'spiritual search' because I strongly felt the need for that. That path started in the new age scene but I quickly discovered that this was not 'my thing.' I discovered buddhism through buddhist friends and books, and it quickly felt like a custom made coat to me. When I chose that path for me, back in around the year 2000, I never looked back. It felt like being home then, and it still does now.



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