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    Dear Venerable,

    Does Buddhism encourage organ donation after death? If the organs are removed while one's consciousness is still present, can this disturb the dying process? How about donating one's body to medical science? Is this to be encouraged?

    Thank you very much for your time in answering my questions.

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    Dear Regina,

    Yes! Organ donation is great! What a wonderful opportunity to improve someone's life in such a significant way. It would be a final act of generosity, and what a way to go!

    As for the organs being removed while someone's consciousness is still present, I have to say I really don't have a great understanding the subtlety of the dying process. But from the little I know, once you die, it is a great relief for the consciousness to finally be free of an aching body, so in reality, it is inconsequential what happens to that pile of flesh.

    However, how much one may be mentally disturbed by something being done to one’s physical remains - probably depends on one's perception. For myself, if I knew that the remains of my physical body was going to benefit another human being, it would make me immensely happy.

    But I would have had to cultivated those perceptions while I was still alive.

    May you prepare for your dying day!

    With metta,
    Ven Upekkha



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