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  • Bhikkhuni

    Please outline the steps involved in moving from from an American lay woman in her sixties, to a fully ordained female monastic Bhikkhuni under Ajahn Brahm.

    Thank you

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    Dear Ed,

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'ordain as a bhikkhuni with Ajahn Brahm'...unfortunately there are no bhikkhunis at Ajahn Brahm's monastery - Dhammasara Nuns Monastery in Perth operates independantly of Bodhinyana monk's monastery where Ajahn Brahm lives, though he is our spiritual advisor. We irregularly attend his Dhamma talks and he does not personally guide the nuns - Ven Hasapanna is the abbot of the monastery.

    However, there are many nuns throughout the world who consider him their teacher, in which case, you can be ordained anywhere! There is opportunity for nuns from overseas to attend his retreats (including the three months rains retreat) so this would be the chance to personally be with him.

    In addition Dhammasara has limited capacity for non-Australian residents (due to visa restrictions), and generally takes in candidates under the age of 50.

    Perhaps your friend could look into monasteries in the US to ordain in? I often see American nuns visiting Perth to attend Ajahn Brahm's retreats.

    Hope this helps your friend!

    With metta,
    Ven Upekkha


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      Thank you.



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