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  • Creativity, inspiration, courage, life

    Ajahn Brahm talks a lot about being still, letting go, renouncing, achieving peaceful state of mind.
    His teachings are focused on how to deal with difficult situations in life, with health issues or complicated relationships.
    In general how to free ourselves from suffering or how to be more resilient.

    I feel like these teachings are missing something. There is some kind of dwelling in my heart to do great things in life, to be creative, to follow my passion, to achieve something in my career, to build something beautiful in live - simply to use the potential we've been given.
    I grew up in the Christian tradition, and there is a famous Jesus saying: "I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance" (John 10:10).
    I understand "life" here as a creative, joyful, wise and kind force.
    How to find life along with the buddhist teachings ? How to build beauty in this world ? How to actively follow our hearts ? How to take the chance we've been given and live our life to the most creative and productive way ? How to find courage and inspiration ?
    I feel like that the peaceful state of mind, bliss, end of suffering is only the half way.

    Long story short, how to be active and creative buddhist - not passive, who just sit, meditate and have blissful state of the mind.

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    Dear Lukasz,

    You are right, being a Buddhist is not being passive - look at Ajahn Brahm as a fine example of someone who doesn't just sit down and have a peaceful state of mind! He has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, and has one of the toughest schedules, putting any Head-of-State to shame, I'm sure. All that capacity comes from his meditation - so he says.

    Meditation empowers your life - the great things you can do with it. When the mind quietens down (even a little), you start to see more clearly what it is driven by - and only when you see clearly will you be able to let go of what is pointless and choose the more beautiful path. Insights may come into your mind, a better way to do something, how to relate to someone. Because when you understand yourself, you understand others.

    Happiness comes from helping others - including yourself. When you are happy, aren't you a gift to the world? I always find it a lovely experience to have been with a beautiful person - even if they did nothing for me so-to-speak, just their shear presence.

    Still there are legions of very active Buddhists around the world. if you Google 'Engaged Buddhism', you will see how much is being done, unadvertised. There are people like Thich Naht Hanh (you may want to read his 'Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism') - he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, the Dalai Lama - who DID receive a Nobel Peace Prize and organisations such as Tzu Chi that are often the first to reach disaster zones and the last to leave.

    I feel the power of these great beings, including Jesus, came from the beauty and purity of their minds - true compassion - because when your ego is less, you meet people without a personal agenda. That and have the courage to be at peace in the face of death itself!

    So I hope this possibly clears your doubt. All I can say is, give meditation a try! The more you practice, the more you tap into the power of your own mind.

    With respects,
    Ven. Upekkha



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