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  • Metta

    Is it wrong to ask for metta when you are struggling?

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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Ask metta from others?

    Don't ask for metta. Give metta!


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      Yes the thought was to ask for metta from others. I know we don't pray for others but I guess the bigger question is when someone thinks of you in their metta meditation is there anything that is sent to the person directly ie good-will, or karmic changes? Or is the benefit of metta meditation purely for the person meditating to develop more compassion?


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        I think there is some sort of connection happening. It can give people a mental boost of sorts.

        Minds are connected on deeper levels than many people think. The Buddha believed this: he said he could sense other people's thoughts and emotions. I think everybody has that ability to some extend. It may be very much hidden, but it's there somewhere. And so, if somebody sends you kindness, you will feel it--a bit at least, maybe even subconsciously.

        But should we go around asking other to send us metta? I don't think so. Just let them do what they want, that's real metta.

        I'll send you some, though!



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