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  • Chanting?

    Dear Venerable Sunyo

    I hope your rains retreat went well 🙂

    I have a quick question. I'm fairly new to the ideas of Buddhism.
    I am wondering if it's possible to request chanting in order to try and change
    something to have a more positive outcome?

    Does chanting work to change anything? I'm thinking that prayers don't work, is this the same with

    If it's does work and it's possible to make a request how would someone do so?

    Kindest regards

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    Hi Louisa,

    I'm afraid chanting doesn't work like that. In Buddhism the power is all with the individual, not with some higher force that would listen to prayers or chanting. So in order to change things, we have to change ourselves first.

    With kindness,



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      Ok, thanks for that explanation. It does make sense ��


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        If I may ask, Venerable Sunyo, then what is the point of a house blessing?



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          Of course you may ask.

          As I see it, and as I approach it myself, you don't bless the house, but the owners of the house.

          If people actually understand what is being chanted, it is very wholesome, because it reinforces those qualities chanted about. You don't even have to understand word by word: Most Buddhists recognize that "iti pi so bhagava, etc." is about the three gems. Reflecting on that is a good thing. And most people recognize the metta sutta, for example, reminding them of the quality of metta.

          So that helps a lot.

          But chanting for specific things, like Buddha statues or houses, or amulets, or so, I don't belief in myself. I know these things are common in most Buddhist countries, but as a Westerner, I'm skeptic!

          I should have asked Amy what she wanted to change, because if it's something internal, then chanting may be helpful indeed. I was just assuming it was for... I don't know, actually... something happening at the other side of the world or so.

          So Amy, if you're still reading this: what is it you wanted to change?


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            Thank you Ven. Sunyo for your answer.



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