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  • pācittiya 8


    If in a talk, a monk says that he can go into absorption in a few seconds after starting meditation does that count as committing a pācittiya?

    I've noticed that most monks choose their words very carefully when talking about meditation and attainments. But I've recently met an exception.

    I hope you are well and that everyone at Bodhinyana is healthy and doing good.

    With metta,

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    Hi Daniel,

    it may well be.

    It would all depend on what he means by absorption and who he was speaking to. And also on the way his monastery interprets the rule. You can actually be very close to stating you have jhanas without technically falling into the offence.

    Probably only he knows those things. But that's how the pacittiyas work: it's up to the individual monk/nun to realize their mistake and confess it.

    Metta, Sunyo


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      Thank you,

      If I remember correctly from what I read there also has to be intention behind his statement for it to be a pacittiya



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        one's intention does not matter. Wholesome or unwholesome intentions, or I think even a slip of the tongue, are all still an offense. What matters is whether the talk was given to monks (no offence in that) and whether with absorption he meant jhanas or something lower (in the latter case also no offence).

        Metta, Sunyo



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