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What to do in a crisis

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  • What to do in a crisis

    I recently experienced a crisis in my life. In the past I would pray to God for help but I didn't know what was out there for a Buddhist to utilize to get through these low periods. Any tips would be great.

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    Hi Ronald,

    It depends what kind of crisis, of course. It's a bit hard to give a general reply. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

    But one thing is universal to all crises: if there is something you can do to relief some of the problems, then you do that. Perhaps you can relief your own pain or another person's by doing the right things.

    In a way the fact that Buddhism doesn't belief in a higher power makes us very powerful personally. We don't have everything under control, obviously, but there is still always some room to make the right decisions or do the right thing. Reflecting on that can make you feel better already.

    We can also realize afterwards that we did the best we could at the time. Sure, you make mistakes, others make mistakes, but we all try. We do our best. Sometimes things go the way we want them to, sometimes they don't, but at least we try and do what we can.

    Of course it's also a good thing to find some support in friends and family in difficult times, but that's not specifically a Buddhist idea.

    Hope this helps a bit,



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      I found this great community in a time of crisis. I decided to search a lot for Dhamma talks which related as closely as possible to the problems I had. And I "accidentally" bumped into some of them, which after listening appeared to be spot on to my sufferings. It felt as if (mostly Ajahn Brahm) was talking to me personally. Those talks were a huge help for me to see things in a different perspective, which ultimately gave me peace of mind.



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