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  • Right mindfulness

    Hi Bhante,

    I find there are many instructions and guidance regarding how to practice mindfulness properly. To be mindful in everything we do is practicing mindfulness. When lay people have sexual intercourse with their wife, for example, is it right to be mindful of the (gratification of) sexual act? Some people considered this as wrong attention. But at the same time we need to maintain mindfulness in everything we do.

    I think it's important for us to understand what right mindfulness is, if you can share your thought that will be very helpful, thanks.

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    Hi Steve,

    Maintaining mindfulness is good, but it also matters what you do. Is lying or stealing mindfully considered to be right mindfulness? Not really.

    There's different ways of looking at right mindfulness. According to the Buddha right mindfulness is when you abandon worldly desires and aversion (See sati*paṭṭhā*na* sutta). So having mindfulness while having sex is not considered really right mindfulness. That's not to say it's wrong, though. Perhaps it's more like neutral.

    With kindness,



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