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    Hello venerable monks,

    I've been living in an ecovillage for a while, and I've met some people that believe that nature or the universe, gives us signals (signals that show us the way we should follow) thru the animals or when someone experiences coincidences called too moments of synchronicity. All this ideas come from books like The Celestine Prophecy or from the beliefs of the indigenous from America. At the beginning I was totally sceptic but I've seen and experienced things that makes me doubt.

    My question is: is that possible from a buddhist point of view? have the suttas some examples of that or any monk has experienced something like that?

    Thank you very much.

    Metta to all.

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    Hi Elias,

    Things like this are not contrary to Buddhism, but neither are they supported by it. The Buddha said what he knew was comparable to all the leaves in a forest, but what he taught was only a hand full of leaves. In other words, he taught what we needed to know. And things like synchronicity are not part of his teaching. I think there is some truth in things like that, but I don't spend much energy trying to figure out what that is, or how to use it.

    With kindness,


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      Hi Elias and Bhante,

      Yeah, according to my understanding these kind of things are incidental in Buddhism. But.... if you're really interested then there is a talk on You Tube by Ajahn Achelo titled " Ghosts, devas, merit and rebirth". in which he talks about his own experiences with synchronicity. Devas are beings in another realm, and it's believed that they sometimes give help and counsel to people in this realm. He tells a good story about how a deva once sent him a menthol cigarette when he was out wandering in the middle of nowhere. Worth a watch if you're interested in synchronicity.



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