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    I'm 51, I work part time (but my supervisor is trying to force me back onto full time) in a job that pays reasonably well. I also care for an 80 year old woman with multiple disabilities. I'm not happy in life. I'm tired and life seems just so meaningless and pointless. I can't see the point in the world and the only thing that gives me any comfort is Ajahn Brahm's talks. I can't do anything with my life until the lady I care for (not related at all) dies because there is no one else who will care for her.

    I can't help wondering am I having an inner calling to leave the world and become a Buddhist monk and if the woman lives another 10 years and I'm 60, could I still become a monk even that late in life. I feel like I need to leave regular life behind and learn how to find some happiness and peace.

    I would appreciate any guidance you may care to offer.

    Thank you

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    Sorry for the late reply, David. I was visiting another monastery. Hope you are doing well.

    Everybody experiences ups and downs in life. Sometimes the downs seem to last forever, but they will surely pass away. If you have a real interest in Buddhism and have listened to Ajahn Brahms talks, you will have heard of this: impermanence.

    Don't worry too much about feeling lost for a while. I think most everybody has been in that situation at some point in their lives. But it is temporary. At some point your mind and body pick up energy again and life will have more color and happiness.

    It'll help to get your energy back if you sleep enough. And also, if you find some time to meditate each day - I think that'll help a lot. You have had the instructions if you've listened to Ajahn Brahm's talks.

    Of course it is never too late to become a monk if you feel so inclined, but make sure you do it out of good reasons. Wanting to find happiness and peace are good reasons. But make sure you are not running away from things, as they will surely follow you into monk's life.

    With lots of metta,



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