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  • Meditation and work

    Dear Ajahn,

    I worry that I am getting lazy and neglectful in my work because all I really want to do is sit down and rest in meditation all the time. The numbers of clients that I have isnt real crash hot, but I dont feel motivated enough to do much about it. It's like the stillness and sweetness of meditation is a warm, cozy blanket and all I want to do is stay there. I've got a wife and children to support and I worry that even though it feels nice meditating all the time, eventually reality will hit and I'll experience the consequences of not continuing to work hard. Would anyone know the buddhas advice on this sort if situation?

    Many thanks and warm wishes,


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    Hi dear Michael,

    Meditation is nice. But work can also be nice, especially when you can do it for somebody else (your family and clients). You just have to look at it from the right angle.

    The Buddha said people have responsibilities towards others which they have to fulfill. And this caring for others he called a great fortune in the Mangala Sutta.

    And it is not that work has to get in the way of meditation. Take Ajahn Brahm as an example. He works so much, is travelling and teaching about half the year, and has great meditation. Partly even because of all the good work he does.

    With kindness,



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      Dear Venerable,

      Thankyou for your help - yes I remember now Ajahn Brahm talking about how serving others has benefitted his meditation, and he attributed the reason for one particularly good meditation to giving the other monks extra help when they were dyeing their robes.

      Best wishes,




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