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The "missing" book by Ajahn Brahm?

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  • The "missing" book by Ajahn Brahm?

    To the right person,

    I would like to hear if you can help me.

    In September I bought a very small but extremely useful book in Sri Lanka:

    "Anapana Sathi Sutta & Sati Patthana Sutta" by Ajahn Brahm" (Brahmavamso it says).

    The book is only 60 pages and it is from 2004.

    Now, it seems like it is a smaller part of a longer book (which is unfortunately not mentioned) - at a place it mentions chapter 4 and 5 and "previous in the book".

    The 2 parts of the book are:

    Part 1:
    The beautiful breath
    The anapana sati sutta

    Part 2:
    The four focuses of mindfulness

    On the first page it says:

    "Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso, as the copyright holder of this book, has given permission to Venerable Bhikku Abaya of Daham Hamuwa Foundation, Sri Lanka, to reprint them and consented to selling it at a reasonable price to the general public."

    I would love to buy the whole book where this short part is taken from (and recommend it to other people as well). I have not been able to find any reference online to the small book I bought.

    Can you help me?

    All the best from Denmark,


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    Hi Henrik,

    It seems to me the full book would be "Mindfulness, bliss and beyond".




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