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Ordaining and Debt

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    It's my every intention to ordain at some point in life.. sooner rather than later. But, like most people these days I went to college and while my debt is comparatively small to others, and the knowledge I received very practical it's still a challenge to deal with it. At the moment I have virtually nothing financially and my country understands that and doesn't require me to pay off the loan with no consequences to myself, this is reevaluated periodically.

    I would love to be able to pay off the debt, but I barely make enough to scrape by and I don't foresee that changing simply because of the nature of the knowledge and field I have interest in. Unless some tremedous act of kindness or job or something comes along, it would take many many years to pay it off.

    In my countries most recent election it was stated that one of the goals was to instate a minimum income before requiring the debt to be paid. Clearly the debt is still there but if the law doesn't require you to pay off the debt and monks make no income, what effect does that have on ordaining as a monk, since you can't ordain with debt?

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    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry for taking so long to respond.

    I would say, as long as you still have the debt, it is a debt nonetheless. And with a debt, you can't become a bhikkhu - a full monk. The debt may or may not get dropped later, but as long as it still exists at the moment you want to ordain, it counts and will prevent you from ordaining.

    You can become a novice whilst having a debt. So perhaps that could be an option; to wait out the cancellation of the debt as a novice. But it may be better to live on the cheap for a while and repay it. Live smaller, eat cheaper, spend less. Maybe you can pay it off quite quickly.

    My country had a similar system with a certain study loan. If you couldn't pay it back in ten years the debt was dropped. (or something like that) However, I still paid off my debt before I ordained. It felt really good to have paid of my debts.

    I hope this helps.




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