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Non Buddhists and Ajahn Brahm retreats

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  • Non Buddhists and Ajahn Brahm retreats

    I'm not Buddhist , but have found that meditation and some Buddhist philosophy has helped me to deal with difficult times in my life. Are non Buddhists allowed to go on Ajahn Brahm's retreats? I was thinking that I might enjoy going on one.

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    Yes, of course! The only thing that is asked is for you to keep the precepts for the time you are staying. If you don't feel like chanting or bowing to the Buddha and things like that, that is also fine on Ajahn Brahm's retreats.

    One thing, though. For Ajahn Brahm's retreats here in Jhana Grove, the booking opens up one day earlier for members of the BSWA. And those retreats book up really quickly. I think it's far from always only BSWA members who attend, but those who are not members, have to be quick when booking.

    More information you can find at: at the Bookings page.

    If you have any more questions, please contact Jhana Grove.

    With kindness,


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      Dear Venerable and Pam,

      If you just want to have a wholesome but relaxing meditation retreat, I would like to recommend that you follow this page: It belongs to Buddhist Fellowship Singapore, which organises an Ajahn Brahm retreat every year in June.

      The format is 9 days: the first five days is for five precepts, and the second half is a silence retreat with eight precepts. The venue is at a Starwood hotel, so it is very comfortable --- no cleaning and no cooking. As June is during a low season, there usually are not many tourists and almost all of the hotel guests attend the retreat, so the place can be both beautiful and peaceful - suitable for meditation.

      I've attended several June retreats, and I have to say that many of my good meditation days happened during those 'seemingly' luxurious retreats.

      With much metta,



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        Sounds great, will check it out as well as cheap flights.


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          Dear Pam,

          The retreat I mentioned above is set to be held during June 4 - 12, 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel, Hua Hin, Thailand. You just need to get yourself to the Suvarnabhumi airport, as the organiser will have a vehicle to take you to the hotel.

          If you are interested, please PM me and I will send to you their brochure as soon as it is published.

          With much metta,




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