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    Dear everyone,

    Now I've always been kind of a daredevil but this time I want to go really crazy. I have the wonderful freedom of being single, having a house and some free time coming up by the end of februari. Inspired by a quote of Ajahn Chah I read in a book, I want to do a home-retreat. Isolating myself, no music, no computer, no TV (haven't got it anyway so that's easy haha ), just living life the easy way for a week or so. Just reading the dhamma and practicing meditation and sleeping. I've never been on any kind of meditation retreat before, but I trust myself and the Dhamma enough to do this. I think it will be great. But I can always step out if it is all too much (or too little is a better description maybe. )

    Because monks have a lot of experience with this I'd like to know if there is any specific tips that you could give me. For example, is it wise to prepare a schedule for the day or is it better to do what seems appropriate at the time?

    Everybody else who has any thoughts be invited to share them.


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    Hello Simon,

    I think it is a great idea to take some time for solitude. Of course, as you say, you can 'step out of it' if things aren't going well. A week of solitude is quite a lot, and I might suggest starting with one day, or one weekend. When I was a lay person I would sometimes spend a Sunday alone in the loft above my parent's garage. It was a nice way to arouse energy. As for scheduling your retreat, that will depend on your own inclinations. Some find schedules to be a good support, others find them too controlling.

    So, have some fun however you do it, and if you come to a wall in your practice don't go banging your head against it. :-)



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      Dear Simon,

      It all depends on how much experience you have, but it is often very useful to have a teacher. A teacher can normally help you avoid the sort of intense experiences that you described on another thread. Often a good way to start is to go on a retreat somewhere.

      With metta,
      Ajahn Brahmali


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        I'm comfortable being alone, but as you've seen in the other thread, I'll take it easy for a while. I posted this before I got the experiences.
        I'll see how I feel about it, but that week I'll probably spend on my studies mostly.

        Thanks a lot.



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