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Looking for a specific podcast, can anybody help ?

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  • Looking for a specific podcast, can anybody help ?

    Good Morning,

    Some time ago, I heard a podcast from Ajhan Brahm about anxiety, it included a story how the Ajhan helped a female university student who could not get out of bed because of anxiety and panic attacks, and how he resolved the problem over several weeks by asking her to describe the feelings in her body.

    I have a family member in a similar situation and am looking for the podcast, does anyone know where I can find it or which one of the hundreds out there it was in ?

    Many Thanks

    Dave Selby

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    That will be hard to find, There are over 1,000 talks from Ajahn Brahm online. I think I know which talk you are referring to, because I've heared it. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact title. of the talk. But here you can find some talks by Ajahn Brahm about fear.



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      I think it will be hard to find. I think I know which talk you mean, as I have listened to it too. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact title of the talk. But maybe you can find a good talk about the subject here:
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        Hey Dave,

        Hope you're well. In case you or anyone is still interested, Ajahn Brahm tells the anxiety story you are referring to in the following talk starting at about 1.12.00:

        This talk is titled "Being kind to our minds and not becoming entangled in our own emotions. AMG".

        As mentioned in the above talk, Ajahn Brahm also relates the story in his book "Good, Bad, Who Knows" aka "Don't Worry, Be Grumpy".

        Hope this helps.

        With metta.



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