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Ajahn Brahm 3 Month Vassa/Rains Retreat Recordings

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  • Ajahn Brahm 3 Month Vassa/Rains Retreat Recordings

    Greetings and Anjuli all,

    I have been practicing and training in the Buddhas teaching now for several years and as with many here find the teachings of Venerable Ajahn Brahm to be an invaluable help and resource (Thank you Ajahn Brahm).

    I have been able to stumble upon some talks Ajahn gives to the monastic community on youtube and some links on the internet - I find these teachings to the monastic community to be very deep and an excellent aid in my practice, I also notice the Sri Lanka 2017 transcript has been posted which I very much look forward to hearing.

    The question I have is regarding the Vassa retreats which Ajahn Brahm leads, are there links to any of the recordings/transcripts of the Vassa's available for download anyone knows of?

    With unbounded Metta.


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    Greetings Suresh

    On the bswa website in the section on teachings, you can find many many teachings of different kinds, as well as by the different bikkhus and bikkhunis. These comprise Sutta studies, Dhamma talks, teachings to the Sangha and many more. More and more of the older talks are being uploaded to the new website all the time. So far rains retreat teachings are available back until about 2010.

    I hope this is of assistance,

    With Metta



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      I just remembered that bswa also now are linked to Patreon, where you can become a patron of bswa in their mission to publish and provide free access to the Dhamma. There is a link at the website. It enables you to make a monthly donation to support this work. One can donate from $1 a month.

      I mention this as I personally welcomed the opportunity to assist in spreading the Dhamma. It gave me an opportunity to express my gratitude. This isn't for everybody of course, but with the information, people can make an informed decision.

      With Metta

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