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Sri Lanka talk on meditation to monks and nuns Feb 2017

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  • Sri Lanka talk on meditation to monks and nuns Feb 2017

    Does anyone know if there is a transcript of this talk?

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    Sri Lanka Talks 2017

    Here's a link for anyone who'd like to listen to the talks.

    "There are four kinds of talks: 1) Introduction and Dhamma Talks (English) 2) Sinhala Translations of those talks. 3) Guided Meditations with Sinhala Translation. 4) Q&A with Sinhala Translations. . In this upload they are arranged chronologically, from the beginning to the end of the retreat. They are named unimaginatively with the date and time, for example 1701221900.mp3 is 2017 January 22nd at 1900 hours (7pm) Ajahn Brahm said you are welcome to share these around and post them on the internet or host them somewhere for general public use."

    With care,



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      Thank You Ryan :-)

      When I went to open it, it is over 750Mb and impossible to download. Is there another link to this, where one can download 1 of the 59 files at a time?

      With Metta

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        Oh sure thing, Mara. Here you go.


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          :-) Thank you


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            Thanks Ryan,

            I'm going through them now. 1701260815 (nimittas) and 1701261500 (jhanas) were interesting. Well worth listening to.


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              NDE, Nimitta, Jhana - practical application for Buddhists

              On March 24 I happened to be in Hong Kong and met Ajahn Brahm at a public talk about caring for dying patients. I asked him how a Buddhist yogi might take advantage of the Near-Death phenomenon, where the 5 senses are shutting down and the nimitta emerges (a portal to jhana). May be we can request Ajahn Brahm to elaborate at a future talk.


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                I think an honest answer may reveal that to the mind, the experiences found in NDEs and jhanas are nearly one and the same with the exception, of course, as to how they come about.


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                  I have had a couple of NDE's (almost drowned - going down for the third time! And a medical emergency) and of course decades of jhana practice. As a result I can truthfully say that, for myself, one similar result of both NDEs and jhana, many times, is fearlessness, along with a permanent shift in perspective and discernment. A bit of sobering and calming.


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                    Having almost drown a couple of times myself and practicing jhanas for far less time than Ed, I completely agree with the above post. I would also add that I experienced a euphoric feeling of unity with everything for a time afterward in either case. Perhaps experiencing the death experience could relieve one of any fears, especially the granddaddy of them all, death itself. It occurs to me that shamanic and Pagan traditions describe the exact same things by names such as; dreamwalking, astral projection, communion with the Gods/Great Spirit...


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                      NDE & Meditation Experience

                      Ed & Jerrod, it is fascinating to learn from your NDE combined with meditation practice experience. Let's move this discussion to the Meditation Forum, delve into it deeper, and perhaps see if there are others who also had similar experiences.



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