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Last Friday's dhamma talk (21/10/16)

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  • Last Friday's dhamma talk (21/10/16)

    Hello all,

    I was just wondering if Ajahn Brahm gave a dhamma talk last Friday, if it was recorded, and if it was going up on the YouTube channel at all? I really hope so : )
    Also, welcome back from Rains you wonderful monks and nuns!

    With lots of metta,

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    Hi Jo, and welcome

    I haven't followed the channel for some time, but when I did, it usually took anywhere between 3 days and 3 weeks to see a talk posted. It was all volunteers then running it, as I imagine it still is. In the meantime, to satisfy your craving for more AB, there's about 10 or so years' worth of talks all over the internet and youtube. Be well.


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      Thanks Jerrod : )

      Just so you know, over the last year the AV team have been doing a fantastic job both live streaming the talks, Saturday meditations and sutta classes, and uploading them to YouTube usually the next day. Most impressive! Which is why I was wondering But I will be patient and visit the equally impressive Ajahn Brahm back catalogue of greatest hits, hee hee.

      Thanks again with much metta,


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        Hi Jo,

        Ajahn Brahm told that last Friday they had no internet connection, that's why there was no live streaming from Dhammaloka.
        Ajahn is in London now to help Venerable Canda establish a bhikkhuni monastery in England! You can read about the project on Anukampa website. His Dhammatalk was streamed live. You can watch the talk here.

        With metta,
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          That's great news, and thanks for the link Rudite


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            Great news Rudite that there will be a bikkuni monastery in Europe

            Hope you are well and happy

            With Metta



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              I also believe he mentioned that the Friday night talk was recorded and uploaded to the BSWA site even though the internet was out.


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                Still nothing there unfortunately, there was an announcement a few weeks ago that live streaming wasn't working but that recorded talks would be uploaded, but nothing there yet On the bright side, Ajahn Brahm's recent U.K. talks are on YouTube


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                  Just checked again and it looks like live streams are lined up for Friday talk, Saturday meditation and Sunday sutta class - fingers crossed, best of luck and hope it all works out!!


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                    Thanks again to the Dhammaloka AV Team for your excellent work ��


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                      (That was supposed to be a smiley face at the end )



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