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Courage in the face of fear

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  • Courage in the face of fear

    i listened to a Friday night talk on Courage. Very timely and clarifying for me. My question is : is courage a conscious choice made at the moment of fear arising? or after sitting with the fear until courage arises? Thank you

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    I have had the good fortune of an abundance of both fear and courage, great teachers they are. Do you know the scientific rule that there is no such thing as "cold", just the absence of heat? I find, for me anyway, that courage is really only the absence of fear. I know it sounds like word games, but I find either you cultivate and cling to fear, or you don't. Maybe what I mean to say is it is easier to examine fear and just give it up than to try and muster an equally imaginary state, courage. I also have found that fearlessness is huge in terms of realizing enlightenment. So to answer your question directly, the answer is, either one depending upon your perspective. For me, fear always comes from a place of fear of upsetting sense experience or threatening the continuance of such existence. Clinging, suffering. Just my view. Be well.
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