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Intellectual Materialism - m4a download failure

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  • Intellectual Materialism - m4a download failure

    I was trying to download Ajahn Brahm's recent talk on Intellectual Materialism.

    Clicking download fails to download a sound file.

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    Just checked the link and it seems to be working. You may be having problems with the "m4a" format of the file. FYI, m4a is an Apple proprietary audio format and is typically the format used in Apple's iTunes music store. If you don't own any Apple equipment, you can play m4a files in Windows using the Windows Media Player. If you want to play the file on a portable mp3 player not manufactured by Apple, it's quite likely that your mp3 player does not have support the m4a audio format. However, there are many free tools available to convert an m4a file to the mp3 format. See, for example:


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      Thanks Patrick.
      I just tried again on Firefox and get the same problem: a page shows up with scrambled characters.
      Then I switched to Chrome, this time no problem with downloading the m4a file.
      So the problem only happens with Firefox.


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        In Firefox, you have to right click on the link and select "Save Link as" from the drop down menu. That's pretty much true for all the "Download" links on this website. Hope this helps.



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