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Can I make a request for a talk here's?

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  • Can I make a request for a talk here's?

    Hi I was wondering where I could make a request for a talk

    If it here I want to request that a talk be about telling the truth.

    In Life we can make mistakes or make small lies that snowball and turn into huge fabrications which get crazily out of hand, and feel extremely difficult to come clean of.

    There is a story (which I believe Ajahn Brahm would really like) where a man who was racing a boat, in a competition, had failed to do it carry on in the race. He had loads of sponsors, and so when people rang in to ask for his coordinates he lied and told them he was on track. He knew that because there were so many boats and he had given coordinates which would have him in the back of the race, no investigation would be done to him, and no one would ever know.

    Well one thing happened after another and the people who were coming first in the race, failed. Meaning that he was now in first place.

    The man knew now that he was going to be investigated.

    He couldn't handle pretending to have won, and couldn't handle coming clean, so he committed suicide.

    Basically telling the truth can at least seem nearly impossible to do, particular when your whole livelihood. Reputation etc is in jepeardy

    I have also found myself I situations where I literally find it seemingly impossible to tell the truth. At work for instance. This would be something I would like to overcome


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    Dear Jamie,

    A few years ago we took down the talk requests by request of the monastics. However, if Ajahn Brahm learns of this request, nuts to you!

    Offering my own advice on the subject, havin a hard time telling the truth is tied to the sense of self. It is "self preservation", in a manner of speaking. This can be both literal and figurative, or either. Without self, there would be no need or compulsion to lie. Just my thoughts. Be well.


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      My apologies. I should have suggested writing him the old fashioned way. If I'm correct, I believe he does consider talk requests that he receives by traditional mail. You can find the address on the Dhammalok site that has links in the top toolbar for this forum site. Be well.


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        Thanks I'll send him a letter



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