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    I've noticed on some of his YouTube talks that Ajahn Brahm will answer questions sent to him from around the world. Does anyone know how to put forward a question to him? I've noticed sometimes at the end of his talks monks will hand him bits of paper or a tablet.

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    The best way would be to message him during one of his live talks. He is on hiatus for a while, but he will return. You can watch his talk live and send him a message at this site


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      Originally posted by Steve Russell View Post
      He is on hiatus for a while, but he will return.
      What a lovely phrase, "on hiatus"! I wish I could be on hiatus for a while! Sounds great... but does one need to be enlightened first? That might be a problem for me :-(


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        Dear Pam,

        As Steve said, you can watch the Friday night talks live at the link above (

        If you go there now (though nothing is happening), you can see a chat room on the right. You can type your question there. The person who does the recording that night will select 3 questions which are relevant to the topic of the night and present them to Ajahn to answer. Usually you have to ask questions before 20:30 hrs. Perth time. Type your real name and country, then the question. For example:

        Dheerayupa, Thailand: Dear Ajahn, is telling a white lie breaking the fourth precept?

        Much metta,



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          Thanks. ☺️


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            I just tried to watch the live talk and it didn't work. Gutted. Sure I went to the right place on you tube. Might I be doing something wrong? Or are there glitches with the streaming perhaps?


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              Hi Pam,
              If this was the one you wished to watch, possibly this was the problem.
              "BuddhistSocietyWA 7 hours ago
              tonight we achieved high definition but there were live stream issues. Sorry.
              Reply ยท 3 "



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                Ah well. Will try tomorrow if he has a talk on.



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