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A Plug for an Ajahn Brahm monastery in the United States

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  • A Plug for an Ajahn Brahm monastery in the United States

    It occurred to me that having a monastery in the United States formed by Ajahn Brahm would be a wonderful thing. Does anyone know whether such a project has ever been considered? Of course, there are Theravada monasteries in the US, but perhaps many of us feel that what Ven. AB has developed in Australia (and the sheer quality of Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis teaching and training under his leadership) and in other parts of the world might be well suited for the US. I'd be happy to carry and lay the first load of bricks, one day....

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    It is a magnetic idea.

    My opinion tends to be that a lot of what I get out of listening to Ajahn Brahm has a lot to do with him personally, who he is. I don't know if he can transmit that to other monks/teachers, it is "his" thing, his style.


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      And I'd be happy to lay many more - however they end up looking in the end...seeing no mistakes It could be so beautiful....dare he ???


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        Dear Anagarika Dhammapala,

        I have thought of something like this for several years and even attempted an organization to help aspirants in the Theravada tradition become monks and nuns. I am keenly interested into how to start a monastery and have a wonderful location in mind in the Western USA. I don't know whether Ajahn Brahm would ever be interested in attempting it though. He seems awfully busy most of the time. Tough I would certainly love to know what he thinks about it. Perhaps I'll ask anyway.

        There is Wat Metta, run by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, in Southern California; and Abhayagiri in Northen Ca. Both are either headed by, or filled with monks from Ajahn Brahm's lineage and who also trained where he did.

        Nonetheless, I would certainly love some help pushing a wheelbarrow someday. I'm not sure whether lay people are allowed to try and start a monastery, but I plan to try anyway. Let's keep in touch, good sir.

        Much metta to you.


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          I'm with you all!

          If you look at all the Thai Forest Monasteries in the U.S., they are all scattered on the West Coast, East Coast, and Canada. Being from Texas and living here, I can see where this would be very helpful. Maybe something in the Midwestern Forests (New Mexico, Colorado, etc...) ? Either way, count me in!



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            A few years ago, Ajahn Brahm said that he would try to limit his teachings trips to Southeast Asia and Australia, but I guess he must have found it hard to say no to many requests from his lay supporters.

            One thing I would like to share with you all:

            Ajahn Chah was reported to have said: "I have built many monasteries, but I haven't built many monks." --- told to me by one of the most trustworthy monks of the present day.
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              I too sent a invite to Aj Brahm for a visit in New Delhi, few months back. He couldn't accept, his dairy is full up to next years which is quite understandable and so many people love him , so we can imagine how many invites he would be getting all the time & as Dheera says, Singapore, Thailand , Srilanka are the most regular visits areas. But in the mail, it was said, a junior monk from BM can visit your place so there's one feasible option.



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