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Tapping Away the Fear of Spiders


  • Tapping Away the Fear of Spiders

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ID:	29239One of our members recently wrote: "I am terrified of big hairy spiders ... I could never get close enough to a large spider to catch it and put it outside myself and would be extremely uneasy if I did not know where it was while I was in the House. I know it's pathetic, but I can't help it and would love any brilliant suggestions as to how I can get rid of this fear."

    Here are some tips:

    1. Observe your mind. The problem is not with the spiders but with your fear in your mind. See the fear for what it is, it's just fear, let it arise and fade away.

    2. Send the spider(s) loving kindness. You could even incorporate this into a regular metta practice.

    3. See each spider as an individual, rather than grouping all spiders into one nasty group. Observe the features of each one, some have beautiful patterns, others have beautiful colours, some have amazing legs, others dazzling eyes, look for the individual features and recognise each one for the beauty it has

    4. Realise they have far more to fear from you than you do from them. After all you are huge relative to them and with one squash they are dead. In contrast few (Australian ones) are harmful at all to a human.

    If you have a phobia I hear from several people that the tapping method can cure phobias. I have interviewed someone about it on youtube if you need to know more:

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