Recently the nuns at Dhammasara Buddhist Monastery in Reen Rd, Gidgegannup swapped brown robes for yellow overalls and conducted a hazard reduction burn as part of a robust and ongoing fire management plan to reduce risk to not only their own community, but to neighbours and the wider community as well.


It was refreshing to a hardened “battler of bushfires” who attended on the day to see the ladies working really hard to achieve the burn, and to mop up afterwards and make the area safe to a standard which could put efforts by others to shame.

Ever since the monastery was established, the nuns have been proactive in fulfilling the responsibilities that every landholder should assume.

They have requested and received advice and tailored training from both the local Bush Fire Brigade volunteers and City of Swan, have installed significant firefighting infrastructure, and have been way ahead of the game in seasonal preparations for the bush fire season.

Over the years they have engaged the local volunteer Bush Fire Brigades for several larger hazard reduction burns, and the experience they have gained has made them so much more confident in conducting smaller burns themselves.

The Dhammasara Community are a shining example of what can be achieved by landholders who take responsibility for their land, and actually manage and improve it in an environmentally sensitive manner rather than just indulging in rhetoric.

The challenge is for YOU to match this example!

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