There will be no Care Group for this Wednesday as we will be screening the Guided Metta Meditation as part of the 6 days Global Metta Meditation Retreat held in conjunction with Ajahn Brahm’s birthday celebration.

All are welcome to join, the session will start at 7 pm and end at 8 pm.
If you are unable to join us in person, you can access the session by clicking this link.  If it is not working then click the alternative here.

Ayya Sela will be conducting the online guided meditation for this Wednesday.

She is originally from Sri Lanka and studied in University of Victoria, and worked in the banking sector for 15 years. Ayya Sela ordained as a Samaneri in Newbury in 2018 with Ayya Upekka as her preceptor, and became a Bhikkhuni on Sunday 1 August with Ajahn Hasapanna as the the preceptor. She is currently at Jhana Grove attending the residential global metta meditation retreat, and will be returning to Newbury in a weeks time.


Visitors need to observe the following procedures:

Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness or have been in recent contact with a suspected case of COVID-19
Sign in with the attendance sheet or SafeWA app upon arrival for contact tracing in case of COVID incident
Make use of the hand sanitiser stations and wash hands
Observe current guidelines on physical distancing and posted attendance limits

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