Venerable Mudu will be visiting Albany and Denmark in Dec 2018.

Please find Venerable Mudu’s schedule during his time in Albany and Denmark:

All are welcome to attend the teachings.

  • 30th November (Friday) – 9-9:30am, Albany Community Radio (interview with Liz Vincent)
  • 30th November (Friday) – 1.00pm – 3.00pm, Pardelup Prison Farm (talk & guided meditation)
  • 1st December (Saturday) –  6:30-8:30pm, Lawley Park tennis Club (talk & guided meditation)
  • 2nd December (Sunday) – 6am, Albany SLSC (say hi to boat crews);
  • 2nd December (Sunday) – 2.30pm – 4.30pm Albany PCYC, 77 Sanford Road, Centennial Park (talk & guided meditation)
  • 3rd December (Monday) – 10-12pm Joop Thai restaurant, 130 Lockyer Avenue, Centennial Park (Bodhinyana Great Southern Monastery Project)
  • 3rd December (Monday) – 1-3pm, Albany Regional Prison (talk & guided meditation)
  • 4th December (Tuesday) – 6-8pm, Albany Senior Citizens Hall, 122 Grey Street West, Albany (talk & guided meditation);
  • 5th December (Wednesday) – 1-3pm, The Sanctuary, Denmark, (talk & guided meditation)
  • 6th December (Thursday) – Bodhinyana Great Southern Monastery (BGS) business
  • 7th December (Friday) – BGS business
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