In the wake of COVID-19 the Australian Government (and many other countries) are advising us not to travel overseas, unless it is essential. The inner journey is an essential one however and many have put it on the back-burner for too long. Awakening Air is not grounding any of its flights, on the contrary, we are expanding our schedule and we are going online. You can still join Awakening Air flight JG000, bound for freedom, stillness and peace from home, even if you have to self-isolate right now. If you do, then you will have the perfect environment for this sort of thing.

We wish to offer an online option via the platform Zoom for the Relax & Grow WE-Retreat 2020 from 27-29 March at Jhana Grove (JG) in Serpentine, WA, which had to be cancelled. Priority boarding will be made available for interested participants, who have booked for the cancelled JG retreat first of all. As there are 100 digital spots on our Zoom subscription, we will then invite the whole BSWA community to come on board to fill up the remaining seats. Even people from overseas, who are in the same (or in a similar) time zone would then be able to attend digitally.


Talks about Meditation & how to establish/grow Wholesome and avoid/overcome Unwholesome Habits, Guided Meditations, Personal Practice, Q&A and Group Interviews.

You can find the proposed timetable here (

Timings:     Friday 27 March 2020 8 pm to Sunday 29 March 4 pm (Perth-Time)
Venue:       Online via Zoom

Some information about Zoom and on how it will work

If you are not familiar with Zoom Meetings (, which is a fairly easy platform to use, especially as a participant, we will offer guidance and a test run before the retreat starts.

Please do not sign up, if you can’t attend most of the online Input Session meetings, as you will be depriving others of a chance to benefit from this offer that way. The meditations in the Digital Meditation Hall are optional, but they will help with motivation and accountability. The group interviews are also optional and they will be limited to 20 devices, to keep them more personal. A Q&A session for all participants will be conducted on Saturday. We will send you an email and if you have a question, you will be able to reply to that message and send it to us that way.

If you live in one household or a flat together, please join as a group on one device (if your situation permits that and if it does not put you at risk of getting infected or infecting others). This will allow more people to join, if there is enough interest.

Computers and tablets are more suited for this than mobile phones, as we will be presenting (screen sharing) some slides and videos, which display better on larger screens. Who knows, some of you might even be able to stream it to your plasma TV screens or project it onto a large screen (if you are so inclined and also tech savvy).

We will offer further guidance to participants, who are not familiar with Zoom in the week leading up to the retreat. You will be able to join test meetings (on Tuesday and Thursday evening) to see how it all works and we will send you instruction videos on how to join a Zoom meeting on your computer or tablet, once you have registered.

This will be a bit of an experiment, but the testing and experience I have form other events so far has proven that it works well.

Retreat Theme

Right Inclination


If you are interested to attend this online event, please fill in the Google Form here (

This offer is free of charge, however if you wish to donate to the BSWA after the event, feel free to do so on our homepage.

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