From 8.30am Park at Jhana Grove
From 9.00 am Park at Bodhinyana Monastery and walk to Jhana Grove (about 800 metres)
9.30am Chanting

Talk by Ajahn Brahm.

10.30am Dana and shared lunch
12.30pm Kathina Ceremony starts
1.30pm Ceremony ends

Help with clean-up

Please remember to bring your own cups, plates & cutlery for Dana as we are trying to conserve water, energy and reduce wasting plastic utensils during Kathina.

Guided Tours

Around 1.30pm, there will be guided tours of the Monastery and Retreat Centre for those who would like to see the places normally reserved for monastics.

This is one of only two times each year when a monk will show you monks’ huts and all around the properties. (the other time is at the Entry to the Rains). You will get to see how the monks here live and practice.

Highlights include Ajahn Brahm’s “bat cave”, the Retreat Kuti and Karnet Brook, Hermits Hill house, the dam in the monks’ area of Bodhinyana etc.

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