Kathina End of Rains for Bodhinyana Monastery: Sunday 20th October

Held at Jhana Grove Retreat Centre (click here for directions)

  • From 8.30am – Park at Jhana Grove or…
  • From 9.00 am – Follow the directions of the parking attendant, and avoid parking on Kingsbury Drive. People may start to park at Bodhinyana Monastery and along scarp road & walk to Jhana Grove (about 800 metres) at this time also if they wish.
  • 9.30am – Jhana Grove; Chanting, Blessing & Talk by Ajahn Brahm in main hall
  • 10am – Pindabat (Monks alms round around JG)
  • 10.30am – Dana and shared lunch.
  • 12.30pm – Kathina Ceremony starts.
  • 1.30pm onwards – Ceremony ends/ everyone who wishes, helps with clean-up.
Also around 1.30 there will be guided tours of the Monastery and Retreat Centre for those who would like to see the places normally reserved for monastics. This is one of only two times each year when a monk will show you monks’ huts and all around the properties. (The other time is at the Entry to the Rains). You will get to see how the monks here live and practice. The short tour will include Ajahn Brahm’s cave.
Please remember to bring your own cups, plates & cutlery for Dana as we are trying to conserve water, energy and reduce wasting plastic utensils during Kathina, and save time on cleanup. And remember its good merit to help with cleanup!

Dana Gift offerings and Donations for the Katina ceremony
  • Robes will be available for offering by voluntary donation
  • Dana of requisites for the monks and gifts may be offered on the day
  • Money donations will be placed on the ‘donation trees’, also envelopes with cheques are accepted.
  • If people prefer to donate beforehand via online bank transfer the details are:

    BSB: 306 037 Account: 1063 018 Narration: Kathina
  • Funds raised from this Kathina will be going towards the new dwelling near Albany, ‘Bodhinyana Great Southern’ and the requisites will be available to all the monks who have fulfilled the mediation rains retreat.


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