Special Event

The full moon of September celebrates International Bhikkuni Day and it coincides with a screening of Fulfilling the Buddha’s Vision at Dhammaloka on September 9: a beautifully made short documentary which examines the reemergence of Bhikkunis featuring Ayya Tathaloka.

Ayya Tathaloka has given us a rare opportunity and has kindly agreed to answer any questions we have. This will be recorded prior to the screening of the documentary and shown on the same night. If you have a question for her please email coco@bswa.org by Sunday 4th September.

Ayya Tathaloka has a strong connection to Perth as she was appointed a Bhikkuni preceptor here when we had our first Bhikkhuni ordinations with Ajahn Brahm in 2009.

For a recent interview with Sol Hanna please see the following link: https://www.treasuremountain.info/restoring-the-bhikkhuni-sangha-for-our-times-ayya-tathaloka/

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