Peter is the mastermind behind the global movement Liberators International. Their mission: to get people to participate in acts of freedom that ‘allow us to see that beyond our differences there is love and humanity’.

You may have seen one of their many past events online- parties on trains, public dancing, blind folded hugging, and eye gazing with strangers; these experiences are at first confronting but soon the barriers break and the result is a deep and profound sense of connection that has been lost for too long.

In essence a practice of loving kindness. When we really connect and ‘see’ another person, we see they are the same as us; the same fears, the same loves, the same pains, and the same happiness’s. How can we harm another because we’ll just be hurting ourselves, and vice versa.

Do yourself a favour and come be inspired to open your heart. ( who knows, you can use this for your metta meditation, and Ajahn Brahm does say that a metta jhana is amazing!)

This goes beyond race, religion, cultural background, age, gender… we are all one family… so ALL ARE WELCOME!

Please share and get the word out.

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