Guest Speaker – Dr Brian Walker (Serpentine GP Holistic health)

Each year the Buddhist Society of WA hosts a variety of events at our centre in Nollamara while our usual teachers, the monks and nuns, go on their own personal retreat.

Our sessions always start off with a guided meditation from 7:30-8pm to melt away the stress from your week so you can relax into your weekend. Come a little earlier so you can have a cuppa or you are welcome to join us from 8-9pm for the main act.

For more events please follow us on Eventbrite or Facebook (search Dhammaloka events).

All are welcome.

Dr Brian Walker is a member of the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Western Australia for the Legalise Cannabis Party.

He has practised medicine for many years in many different countries, before finally settling into practice as a GP at Serpentine Medical Centre. He has front-line experience treating patients in hospitals, emergency departments, and general practice.

If you are familiar with the book Dying To Be Me, which detailed the near death experience by Anita Moorjani, it should be noted that Dr. Walker was Anita’s GP back in Hong Kong. She met up with him in the US 3 years ago and did a beautiful interview which is available on Youtube.

Come listen to Dr Walker as he talks about how to remain calm during times of political madness such as these.

This is an alcohol and drug free, inclusive venue. All are welcome.

Program for the Night:

7:30-8pm: Guided Meditation

8-9pm: Talk

You may register on Eventbrite however bookings aren’t essential.
The full rains retreat program can be found here.


Covid guidelines: subject to change in line with most current government guidelines

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness or have been in recent contact with a suspected case of COVID-19
  • Make use of the hand sanitiser stations and wash hands
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