Every year, the monastic community (Monks and nuns) go on a three month retreat called the “Rains Retreat” from mid July to mid October. During this period, they do not visit our centres for teachings as it’s a time for deepening their own practice.

While the monks and nuns are away, we will have some interesting guest speakers coming in to give the Friday Night talk.

Community Night: Stories and music

We are very lucky to have two extremely talented musicians and story tellers to share their gifts with us.

Ru aka Zal Kanga-Parabia radiates a nostalgic and heartfelt tone that is rare to find in today’s fast paced, loud, moving world. Feeling their foremost intimate credence, with an emphasis on storytelling and dynamic build ups, Ru nurtures a connection through song.

“Hauntingly beautiful and totally captivating” – The Music Australia

Joining Ru will be special guest Kobi Arthur Morrison who leads reconciliation choir groupings such as Madjitil Moorna, Koondarm and Walyalup Kannajil. Together through song Ru and Kobi Arthur Morrison offer a gentle sense of healing and connection to self and each other.

You can book for this free event here.


Visitors need to observe the following procedures:

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness or have been in recent contact with a suspected case of COVID-19
  • Make use of the hand sanitiser stations and wash hands
  • Maintain 1.5 square metre distancing with 2 square metres per person at all times
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth; cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging or physical touching
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