All are welcome to the first ever entry to rains ceremony at the Bodhinyana Great Southern Monastery.

Venue: Manley Hall, 331 Ulster Rd, Albany  WA  6330

Day:                Sunday, 14 July 2019

Time:               9.15am to 1.00pm.

If you like, you can bring a plate of food to offer and share afterwards.

The program for the day includes:

  • 9:15am       Arrive
  • 10.00am     Taking 3 Refuges and 5 Precepts followed by auspicious chanting
  • 10:30am     Alms round (Pindabhat) – offering rice to monks
  • 11:10am     Shared meal for visitors
  • 12:15pm     Offering of the Rains Bathing Cloths and other requisites followed by a Dhamma Talk and blessings

2019 Rains Retreat Poster

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